Wind River (2017) – Review

Taylor Sheridan’s recent career shift has an air of Matthew McConaughey’s resurgence as an actor a few years ago. Sure, Sheridan’s name holds none of the same weight, but the conviction is no less admirable. Sheridan was a working actor with a decent recurring gig on Sons Of Anarchy when finally he realised, at 40, what he was doing wasn’t giving him purpose.…

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It (2017) – Review

It’s finally here. With The Dark Tower earlier in the summer and shows like Gerald’s Game and Mr. Mercedes gracing the small screen (plus a host of other adaptations in active development), it appears to be the year of Stephen King. Now it’s time to cast our eyes to the big one – the updated adaptation of one of his biggest, best and most deliciously demented…

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Rockstar, Microtransactions and the Future of Gaming

I’ve been playing Grand Theft Auto 5 since the day it came out four years ago (somehow it’s already been that long), and during those four years my time spent in-game has racked up to a whopping 35 days – 35 full, real-time days. And that’s just playing online, without taking into account the three times I’ve completed story mode. Unhealthy, perhaps,…

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Annabelle: Creation (2017) – Review

Here’s the thing: I’m just not that into origin stories. That doesn’t mean they’re inherently bad or that there aren’t good ones out there, but for every Godfather Part 2 there’s an Alien: Covenant. Too often it’s an area of cinema derived from the desire to sell tickets rather than an artistic yearning to tell a story, so it’s no surprise how much…

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Wonder Woman, DC, DCEU, Gal Gadot, Batman, Justice League

Wonder Woman (2017) – Review

It’s not like Warner Bros. haven’t made a few pennies with the three films currently comprising their DC Extended Universe – Man Of Steel, Batman v Superman and Suicide Squad made a combined $2b+ at the worldwide box office – but what they’re really desperate for is a comprehensive hit; some critical success to go with the money, and perhaps the kind of validation they…

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alien, alien: covenant, xenomorph, ridley scott

Alien: Covenant (2017) – Review

During the press rounds for Alien: Covenant, Ridley Scott basically admitted that the only reason he made the film was to right the wrongs of Prometheus – specifically, it’s lack of the Xenomorph. Now I don’t think too many people would argue there were problems with Prometheus, but despite the impression Scott seems to be under, I doubt this was everyone’s main issue. In fact, the very lack…

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Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol. 2 (2017) – Review

When James Gunn delivered Guardians Of The Galaxy to the big screen back in 2014, he surprised almost everyone. Here was this relatively unknown director of ‘squelchy’ independent films like Slither and Super (he also penned The Belko Experiment which is currently in cinemas), jumping into the well-established Marvel Cinematic Universe with a group of characters who no-one but avid comic readers would recognize. The ingredients were there…

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Page vs Screen: Which Did It Better? (part 3)

Welcome to part 3 of my Page vs Screen series. Find part 1 here Find part 2 here World War Z To call World War Z an adaptation of Max Brooks’s book would be somewhat false. At best it’s a reinterpretation, but even that’s being a little kind. Marc Forster’s film essentially just takes what’s a really cool title for a zombie movie…

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What Star Ratings Really Mean

Star ratings have a habit of ruling film criticism. Bus posters and billboards particularly love their eye-catching nature, and indeed it makes sense to advertise with such a clear visual aid in areas where people will only grab a quick glance at the poster in question. Even if there’s a small quote beneath, it’s the number of stars which stay in…

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