A Quiet Place (2018) – Review

Guest post by Liam Springate-Jones A Quiet Place is an extraordinary piece of work. A masterstroke of suspense, thrills and survivalist dread, it racks up the tension and makes brilliant use of silence as a storytelling device. This film was stuck in my head for days after watching it. It’s a horror film that creates genuine terror and crafts scares in…

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Assassin’s Creed (2016) – Review

There was genuine reason for hope with this movie. Hope that it might finally buck the trend of rubbish video game adaptations. It didn’t look – at least on paper – like a studio simply cashing in on an established franchise; director Justin Kurtzel had arrived right off the seductive and bleak Macbeth, bringing the film’s two lead stars with him, and…

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I’m Still Here

You may (or very likely may not) have noticed that I haven’t been very active around here lately. And by ‘lately’, I mean the last thing I posted was a review of the stunning Wind River all the way back in September! Sorry about that. Life has contrived to take a front seat role for the time being, as I became…

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Wind River (2017) – Review

Taylor Sheridan’s recent career shift has an air of Matthew McConaughey’s ‘McConaissance’ a few years back. Sure, Sheridan’s name bears none of the same weight, but the conviction is no less admirable. Sheridan was a working actor with a decent recurring gig on Sons Of Anarchy when finally he realised, at 40, what he was doing wasn’t giving him purpose. So he quits…

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It (2017) – Review

It’s finally here. With The Dark Tower earlier in the summer and the likes of Gerald’s Game and Mr. Mercedes gracing the small screen (plus a host of other adaptations in active development), it appears to be the year of Stephen King. Now it’s time to cast our eyes to the big one – the updated adaptation of one of his biggest, best and most deliciously…

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The Future of Gaming

I’ve been playing Grand Theft Auto 5 since the day it came out four years ago (somehow it’s already been that long), and during those four years my time spent in-game has racked up to a whopping 35 days – 35 full, real-time days. And that’s just playing online, without taking into account the three times I’ve completed story mode. Unhealthy, perhaps,…

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Annabelle: Creation (2017) – Review

Stephen King once said everyone has a backstory, but most of it isn’t very interesting. Which in other words means origin stories aren’t inherently bad, but for every Godfather Part 2 there’s an Alien: Covenant. Too often it’s an area of cinema derived from the desire to sell tickets rather than an artistic yearning to tell a story, so it’s no surprise how…

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Wonder Woman, DC, DCEU, Gal Gadot, Batman, Justice League

Wonder Woman (2017) – Review

It’s not like Warner Bros. haven’t made a few pennies with the three films currently comprising their DC Extended Universe – Man Of Steel, Batman v Superman and Suicide Squad made a combined $2b+ at the worldwide box office. But what they’re really desperate for is a comprehensive hit; some critical success to go with all that money, and perhaps the kind of validation…

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alien, alien: covenant, xenomorph, ridley scott

Alien: Covenant (2017) – Review

During the press rounds for Alien: Covenant, Ridley Scott basically admitted that the only reason he made the film was to right the wrongs of Prometheus – specifically, its lack of the Xenomorph. Not too many people would argue the fact that there were problems with Prometheus, but despite the impression Scott seems to be under, I doubt this was everyone’s main issue. In fact, the very lack…

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