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The Future of Gaming

I’ve been playing Grand Theft Auto 5 since the day it came out four years ago (somehow it’s already been that long), and during those four years my time spent in-game has racked up to a whopping 35 days – 35 full, real-time days. And that’s just playing online, without taking into account the three times I’ve completed story mode. Unhealthy, perhaps,…

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Page vs Screen: Which Did It Better? (part 3)

Welcome to part 3 of my Page vs Screen series. Find part 1 here Find part 2 here World War Z To call World War Z an adaptation of Max Brooks’s book would be somewhat false. At best it’s a reinterpretation, but even that’s being a little kind. Marc Forster’s film essentially just takes what’s a really cool title for a zombie movie…

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What Star Ratings Really Mean

Star ratings have a habit of ruling film criticism. Bus posters and billboards particularly love their eye-catching nature, and indeed it makes sense to advertise with such a clear visual aid in areas where people will only grab a quick glance at the poster in question. Even if there’s a small quote beneath, it’s the number of stars which stay in…

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Should You Watch Bad Movies To The End?

Being a film critic sounds like the perfect job. They get paid to sit and watch movies all day and then write about said movies. They get the chance to mull with and interview stars at festivals. They get early access to all the big movies. And did I mention they get to sit around watching and writing about movies all…

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Page vs Screen: Which Did It Better? (part 2)

Welcome to part 2 of my Page vs Screen series. It’s already pretty apparent which side is going to win, but don’t let that spoil the fun… Find part 1 here. The Picture of Dorian Gray It’s a real shame that the filmmakers decided to ditch everything interesting about Oscar Wilde’s classic Gothic chiller in order to appeal to a young, sex-obsessed…

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Page vs Screen: Which Did It Better? (part 1)

Though it certainly feels like a modern trope to base every new movie on a book or some other original source, it’s actually a practice dating back to the birth of cinema. Technically the earliest adaptation can be found all the way back in 1899, when magician/avante-garde filmmaker George Méliès made a version of Cinderella filled with his usual cutting tricks and…

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When Movies (And TV) Forget How Life Works

Movies aren’t always known for their realism, let’s be honest. Sure, we’ll always have the works of filmmakers like Mike Leigh and young, radical French directors to remind us how gritty and real our world can be, and there will never be a shortage of awards-bait true stories floating around, but movies are, fundamentally, about escapism. They’re there to entertain us, to…

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Inglorious Basterds: My Odd Relationship With Tarantino’s ‘Masterpiece’

“You know something,” Brad Pitt muses as he peers down at the swastika he’s just carved onto a screaming Christoph Waltz’s forehead, “this might just be my masterpiece”. In the case of Pitt’s artistic skills with a massive knife on human skin, it might just be his masterpiece. But the commentary from the film’s director is too obvious to miss: with the last…

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Oscars predictions

Oscars 2017 – The Predictions

Here again, are we? Alright… As a quick (and by now fairly standard) pre-cusor, I should mention that I sadly haven’t seen a bunch of these yet. A lot of this is sheer guess work. I’ve also omitted a few categories about which I literally have no idea (haven’t seen any of the documentaries, for example), and added the odd…

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Best Films Of 2016

I know I say this every year, but this year I really have missed a lot of films. Though the interesting thing is, while it feels like 2016 has been a particularly bad one for movies, I can only find five worth putting on the Worst list, as opposed to ten here on the Best, with competition. I missed a lot of the…

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