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Worst Films Of 2016

Before bringing you my favourite films, here are the turkeys… 5. Jason Bourne I know. Putting a Bourne movie here seems harsh. It’s not that I thought Jason Bourne was terrible, it was just that we’d seen every frame before and the whole thing felt pointless. Bourne’s hiding out in Europe. The CIA track him down. He gets a heads-up from…

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How About A Female 00?

I woke up this morning to an article on GQ about the great Michael Fassbender discussing his potential casting as James Bond, with Daniel Craig’s future in the role in some kind of limbo (I don’t think anyone really knows what’s going on there anymore). Fassbender makes several interesting points – first of all, assuring us that he’s not interested in…

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A Month Of Horror

I’m not exactly doing the 31 days of Halloween thing, but a couple of weeks back I compiled a list of horror films on which to gorge myself in the lead up to Halloween. Now, with it finally being the month of ghosts, ghouls and creepy things, I’m going to share with you each film as I watch it, culminating in a…

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James Bond, Daniel Craig, Bond 25, 007

Bond 25: 7 Directors Who Should Make It

With Daniel Craig seemingly done with the role, the world eagerly awaits the announcement of who will be the iconic 007th James Bond. Idris Elba? Tom Hiddleston? Damien Lewis? Aiden Turner? All have been widely thrown around, and all would be interesting in their own way, but for my money it’ll be someone with a lower profile. Someone like Henry Cavill pre-Superman. But there’s…

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Star Trek Beyond, Chris Pine, Simon Pegg, Anton Yelchin, 2016, movie

Star Trek Beyond And Old Fashioned Fun

Star Trek Beyond was fun, wasn’t it? As I walked into the screening, mind you, I couldn’t help but brace myself for a few tears. The tragic passing of Anton Yelchin still wounds me, and, this being his last film, it was likely going to have a greater emotional resonance than any previous entry. Perhaps it’s not on the same teary levels of Furious 7,…

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Ghostbusters, remake, 2016, Bill Murray, Kirsten Wiig

Do We Really Want Movies To Be Bad?

As the new Ghostbusters released over the weekend, the internet went into a frenzy of furious backlash and excitement. It was a fight between overzealous (and somewhat sexist) fans who wouldn’t see a finger placed upon their precious original, with some actively taking to IMDb before seeing the film to give it low ratings, and those who went into the film with open…

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Terminator 2 At 25: Still Cinema’s Greatest Sequel

This is an update of a previous article I wrote to coincide with the film’s 25th anniversary. Spoilers… There was a time, if you remember, when James Cameron wasn’t weirdly obsessed with those funny blue aliens over on Pandora. Back in the early ’90s, when Tarantino was paving his way into Hollywood and Spielberg was bringing dinosaurs back to life, Cameron was busy cranking…

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5 Great Contemporary Composers

Considering how much emotion music conjures, original scores have the ability to make or break a film – yet the work often goes strangely underappreciated. With that in mind, I decided to make a note of my five of my favourite composers (to make it a bit easier for myself I tried to stick to contemporary composers who are still churning out great…

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