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It’s not like Warner Bros. haven’t made a few pennies with the three films currently comprising their DC Extended Universe – Man Of Steel, Batman v Superman and Suicide Squad made a combined $2b+ at the worldwide box office – but what they’re really desperate for is a comprehensive hit; some critical success to go with the money, and perhaps the kind of validation they…

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During the press rounds for Alien: Covenant, Ridley Scott basically admitted that the only reason he made the film was to right the wrongs of Prometheus – specifically, it’s lack of the Xenomorph. Now I don’t think too many people would argue there were problems with Prometheus, but despite the impression Scott seems to be under, I doubt this was everyone’s main issue. In fact, the very lack…

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When James Gunn delivered Guardians Of The Galaxy to the big screen back in 2014, he surprised almost everyone. Here was this relatively unknown director of ‘squelchy’ independent films like Slither and Super (he also penned The Belko Experiment which is currently in cinemas), jumping into the well-established Marvel Cinematic Universe with a group of characters who no-one but avid comic readers would recognize. The ingredients were there…

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It’s a little hard to believe Peter Jackson’s King Kong is already 12 years old. Going to see it remains a vivid memory; before that, The Lord Of The Rings on my birthday had been the tradition, so when Jackson came along with another December-released epic after a two-year hiatus, I was more than a little excited. And sure enough, I enjoyed it at the time…

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To give this review some context, I’ve never been a very big X-Men fan. Not because I have any specific reason (other than feeling confused about the chronology of each installment) – it’s just that the characters have never excited me in the way that a lot of other superheroes have, like The Avengers or Batman. That is, of course,…

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When I first saw the trailer for Hidden Figures – at that point having no idea it even existed – I admit I rolled my eyes. Not, I assure you, at the subject matter, but at the somewhat naff creative direction the trailer took. That shamelessly sentimental “you can do it!” music, fluttering up in grandeur the longer it went on, painted the…

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“All great movies start with black…” When The Lego Movie came out a couple of years ago, it defied pretty much everyone’s expectations. Like the general feeling surrounding things like The Emoji Movie, Angry Birds and the as-yet-untitled Tetris Movie (really), there was a collective scrutiny over the idea that there could be any kind of coherent narrative in a film based on such a…

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Against my better judgement, I opted to see Rings over Manchester By The Sea. What can I say? I was just in one of those moods. You know the sort – when you just feel like indulging in some trashy thrills over anything that will require you to actually think. I was hoping Rings would be just the thing I was after, and indeed, the fact that’s…

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As far as I’m aware, no-one talking about Hacksaw Ridge has raised the weird coincidence that twice within a month, Andrew Garfield has appeared as a young, idealistic insurgent venturing into a treacherous Japan fueled only by his faith (the other film, of course, being Martin Scorsese’s Silence). At least I assume it’s a coincidence – perhaps Garfield planned it, but the parallels are almost…

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GOLD (2017) – REVIEW

It’s probably fair to say the McConaissance is over. Which isn’t a bad thing like it sounds, it just means Matthew has reached the point in his comeback where his being really good is no longer a surprise – we generally expect him to be in good movies and probably be one of the best things about them. Of course, the…

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