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Logan, Wolverine, Hugh Jackman, X-Men

Logan (2017) – Review

To give this review some context, I’ve never been a very big X-Men fan. Not because I have any specific reason (other than feeling confused about the chronology of each installment) – it’s just that the characters have never excited me in the way that a lot of other superheroes have, like Spiderman or Batman. That is, of course, with…

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Hidden Figures, movie, film, review, Oscars, Academy Awards, 2017

Hidden Figures (2017) – Review

When I first saw the trailer for Hidden Figures – a point at which I had no idea it even existed – I admit I rolled my eyes. Not, I assure you, at the subject matter, but at the somewhat naff creative direction the trailer took. That shamelessly sentimental “you can do it!” music, fluttering up in grandeur the longer it went on,…

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Lego Batman, movie, review, film, superhero, Lego Movie, Will Arnett, Robin, Batman vs Superman

The Lego Batman Movie (2017) – Review

“All great movies start with black…” When The Lego Movie came out a couple of years ago, it defied pretty much everyone’s expectations. Like the general feeling surrounding things like The Emoji Movie, Angry Birds and the as-yet-untitled Tetris Movie (really), there was a collective scrutiny over the idea that there could be any kind of coherent narrative in a film based on such a…

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Rings (2017) – Review

Against my better judgement, I opted to see Rings over Manchester By The Sea. What can I say? I was just in one of those moods. You know the sort – when you just feel like indulging in some trashy thrills over anything that will require you to actually think. I was hoping Rings would be just the thing I was after, and indeed, the fact that’s…

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Hacksaw Ridge, Mel Gibson, war, epic, Oscar

Hacksaw Ridge (2017) – Review

As far as I’m aware, no-one talking about Hacksaw Ridge has raised the weird coincidence that twice within a month, Andrew Garfield has appeared as a young, idealistic insurgent venturing into a treacherous Japan fueled only by his faith (the other film, of course, being Martin Scorsese’s Silence). At least I assume it’s a coincidence – perhaps Garfield planned it, but the parallels are almost…

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Gold, movie, review, McConaughey

Gold (2017) – Review

It’s probably fair to say the McConaissance is over. Which isn’t a bad thing like it sounds, it just means Matthew has reached the point in his comeback where his being really good is no longer a surprise – we generally expect him to be in good movies and probably be one of the best things about them. Of course, the…

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Silence (2017) – Review

If anyone had been expecting Martin Scorsese’s follow-up to The Wolf Of Wall Street to be something of a similar ilk, they’d be in for one numbing dose of reality. This is not the rambunctious, gangstery filmmaking we generally associate with Scorsese, but the slow-burning, drawn-out, reflective type which resulted in films like Kundun and The Last Temptation of Christ. The succinct title itself alludes…

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A Monster Calls (2017) – Review

It would probably be erroneous to label A Monster Calls a children’s film, yet there can surely be no denying it’s aimed in a large way, at least thematically, at the younger minds among us. It is a coming-of-age story with monsters, after all. That being the case, this is some seriously heavy stuff to digest. Bullying, death, loss of childhood, emotional…

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Westworld: Trace Decay (Episode 8) Review

“Out of repetition comes variation.” Such was a line delivered by Bernard in last week’s episode, yet it seems to be taking on more and more relevance with each passing minute in HBO’s Westworld. The hosts have been repeating themselves day after day, year after year, for our amusement, and finally it looks like they’re ready to variate in some…

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Arrival (2016) – Review

To tell you the truth, this year I’ve been visiting the cinema a lot less than I used to. At first the change of habit put me through some serious withdrawal before I realized that, actually, I quite enjoy waiting a few months to see the film everyone’s talking about because it makes it easier to form my own, completely…

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