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Do We Really Want Movies To Be Bad?

As the new Ghostbusters released over the weekend, the internet went into a frenzy of furious backlash and excitement. It was a fight between overzealous (and somewhat sexist) fans who wouldn’t see a finger placed upon their precious original, with some actively taking to IMDb before seeing the film to give it low ratings, and those who went into the film with open minds and sensibly decided that it didn’t quite work, or, actually, there was plenty going for it.

I haven’t seen the film yet and therefore can’t comment either way, but I did read one comment (among many) which really rubbed me the wrong way and got me thinking about how cynical the entertainment culture has become. It was a response to one of the more negative reviews of Paul Feig’s film which said, verbatim, “I’m glad it’s getting slated. The idea of it is bad enough. I won’t even watch it to prove myself right how bad an idea it was to do this. I actually feel sorry for you that you had to sit through it.”

Wait a minute, what? “I won’t even watch it to prove myself right”? Firstly, that doesn’t make sense, but is this person really saying they’d rather continue to hate a film than actually bother watching it, just because they want it to be terrible? How cynical is that? How depressing is that? Even if you don’t like an idea, why wouldn’t you want a movie to be good? Isn’t that what we want from every movie? Isn’t that why we watch movies in the first place?

Don’t get me wrong – if they announced a remake of Back To The Future I’d have my blades sharpening quicker than they could call action, but that doesn’t mean I’d pray for it to be terrible. My expectations would be low, I wouldn’t look forward to it – but I’d still be elated if it turned out to be great.

There seems to be such a gross sense of entitlement amongst some of the more petulant fanboys out there – as if they themselves own the original work and not the people who actually made it. To be so bigoted as to not even bother watching a film but continue to hate on it anyway in the belief that one’s opinion is gospel…well, it’s just Twilight all over again. It would be nice if that whole culture could be stamped out once and for all, but I suppose that’s like trying to get rid of internet trolls. They’ll just continue to hide behind their screens spamming ratings boards and spewing out venomous filth because they don’t like a certain actor.

I may end up not liking Ghostbusters, but I’ll at least go into it ready for an absolute blast.


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