We’re The Millers (2013) – Review

Post hoc ergo propter hoc.  This happened after that, therefore this happened because of that.  Fans of The West Wing will understand.  It’s basically a very pretentious way of saying the plot of We’re The Millers is incredibly contrived and predictable.  Everything just fits together too perfectly and the exposition is head-bangingly blatant, particularly during the set-up.  It’s just this happens, then this happens because of that, then this happens because of what happened because of that.  Slot A into Slot B etc. etc.

Having said that, while there isn’t much going on in the plot or subtext department (not that one expects much subtext in a film like this), it is pretty funny, and really that’s all we need here.  I laughed plenty – sometimes quite hard – despite it being completely unoriginal and unsurprising.  Mercifully the plot doesn’t focus too much on the drug cartel thing that we’ve seen so many times, which I was so sure it would.  Instead it decides to stay with the family and their relationships, only using the being chased down by Mexicans subplot as a necessity on the premise’s part.  I get so bored when those road comedies that pit unassuming protagonists against armies and mafias.

The cast is all solid.  Jennifer Aniston hasn’t branched out particularly far in her movie career, preferring to stick to the romantic comedy roles she knows – which is perhaps for a reason because at times it’s a little hard to believe in her as a stripper – but I can’t deny I enjoyed it…  Sudeikis is funny enough, wavering between meh and hilarious, and I’m a fan of Emma Roberts.  Will Poulter easily steals the film, though.  His rise to fame started with the wonderful Son Of Rambow, and I knew right then that he was going to be something special.  Perhaps We’re The Millers is the wrong film to really assess his acting abilities, but even so he’s the best thing about it.  He’s only rivaled by Nick Offerman who basically brings Ron Swanson with added weird, which Parks & Rec fans will know is a concoction for something special.

It’s good fun.  There are better comedies out there for sure, but it has enough laughs to keep you watching and the characters are all likable.  Everything’s too predictably perfect, but what do you expect?

★ ★ ★ ☆ ☆

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