Just picture Jackie Chan standing on a precipice, arms spread wide, bellowing the question to the depths of his lungs. Except that I actually know who I am.*

Anyway, thanks for the visit.

What should you know about me? Probably not much.  he internet is scary and dangerous. But I will say I’m a screenwriter, blogger, critic and quasi-author who rather enjoys films.

me-againThankfully I discovered the passion at a young age and decided to turn a gangster story I had concocted (which otherwise would have been a novel) into a screenplay. With positively no idea how to write them back then, the first drafts were genuinely awful, but through (sometimes painful) trial and error, which has now spanned four feature scripts and several short films, I’ve reached a point where I’ve earned at least some recognition for my work. In 2013, the Fresh Voices Screenplay Competition nominated my western for ‘Best International Script’, which was also cited as “an engrossing and entertaining read” with “one helluva voice”.  So that was pretty nice.

But, of course, I like talking and writing about films as much as I like writing them, which is what led me to start this site. I hope to keep expanding here, but I also contribute to various online publications, including Flickering Myth. If you like, you can help me in my quest to gain a soupçon of online prestige by following me on twitter and spreading the word.

So, ramblers, enjoy my ramblings.

*if you know the film, we should have a coffee and talk about how utterly perfect every frame is