So here’s the deal: I’ve been working on Lights Overhead for just over four years now, and I’m finally at the point where – with current expansion and lack of time to produce an adequate amount of content – I could really use some help.

I understand the reluctance to write with me when you could be setting your sights on bigger, established publications like Empire or Den Of Geek that might actually pay you for your hard work (and you should be paid for your writing – don’t let anyone take advantage of your talent), but that’s why I’m not pressuring you. This is purely a collaboration plea for the time being. You can write for me, I can write for you.

See? No pressure.

I’m just saying if you fancy getting involved here at Lights Overhead, I’d be glad to have you. We could start building the site into something great. So, feel free to send me some samples of your writing and a bit about yourself.

And as I said – I’m also available to write for you. Just drop me a line and let’s share some ideas.

Email me at